Dotty Short Pencil pleat Curtains

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Dotty Short Pencil pleat Curtains
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Our Ready Made curtains come in a choice of three lengths,this listing is for the Short- 137cm / 54 inches Curtain

Pencil pleat curtains are a more traditional style, with a gathered header which conceals fixings to the curtain pole or rail. The top (or header) of the curtain comprises a wide strip of fabric fitted with drawstring cords, which can be adjusted to control the amount of ‘gather’ in the curtain. Pulling the drawstrings tighter will give a more gathered, luxurious look, but will also adjust a larger curtain to fit a smaller window. A looser gather gives a more relaxed feel and can be useful when a fitting curtains to larger windows. Once adjusted, the drawstring cords can be tucked out of sight. Hooks are then attached at regular intervals along the curtain header, and used to attach the curtain directly to a curtain track or to curtain rings on a pole.

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